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Current times and locations fields:

Sunday afternoons: We play a pick-up game at 4pm (16.00) at the BKK fields (same place as Thursdays), which are on street 380 (between 51&57) opposite to the blue pumpkin bakery. If coming by motodup the ‘ Boeung Kang keng’ market is the major landmark.
តារាងនេះនៅផ្លូវ៣៨០ទល់មុខBlue Pumpkin Bakery​ (តារាងរបស់សាលាបឋមសិក្សា​ ចៅញាហុក)។ បើជិះម៉ូតូឌុបប្រាប់ឲ្យមករកផ្សារបឹងកេងកង។