Minutes for March 2, 2015

7:00 pm, Monday, March 2, 2015

Attendants: Adrien Stehly, Lucy Haurisa, Ian Jones, Zachary Johnson, Dan Friendly, Keogh Johnston, Zach Lampell, Jared Cahners, Flo Zwiers

Abbreviations: BPPPH (Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat), CUA (Cambodia Ultimate Association), EYC (Empower Youth Cambodia), GTU-C (Growth Through Ultimate – Cambodia), HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City), ISPP (International School Phnom Penh), MUO (Malaysia Ultimate Open), NISC (Northbridge International School Campus), PM (Prime Minister), PPUA (Phnom Penh Ultimate Association), VCFC (Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Cup), WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation), YUP (Youth Ultimate Project)


  • The BPPPH was disappointing in terms of finances; we made a big loss. PPUA does not have any money, but all our debts have been paid. There was some discussion on how far ahead we paid for the NISC fields. Apparently only Nyko knows and he will let us know at some point. Dan suspected that we paid for a new term recently.
  • We still have a lot of merchandise left over. It was decided that both discs and shirts (from BPPPH 2015) would cost $10 for members, $15 for non-members, with a sliding scale for those in needed (i.e. those who can’t easily afford it will be offered a lower price).
  • The 400 discs (BPPPH&dubai) incurred an unexpected $500 delivery charge on top of what we paid already. Aiden has paid for this and proposed that, rather than  paying him back, PPUA will give all US marines free membership through spring next year. If all marines do show up all the time they would pay about ~$800 in membership over this period. However, taking this deal means we get these (theoretical) memberships far in advance. In addition; it might motivate more marines to come out more often! win-win really.

Sundays (&next Friday)

  • Keo would like to do a monthly BBQ on a Sunday at the Northbridge International School Campus (NISC) fields, which would start at 17.00 (5pm). We have permission to start a bit earlier than normal once a month.
  • However, it was not completely clear if we had permission to barbecue at NISC. While most people present believed that it would not be a problem, it was decided that we should get explicit permission before going ahead.
  • Next Sunday (March 8th) the EYC is doing a clinic on the ‘Swa fields’ in the morning. That afternoon we will have the pick-up at the Swa fields too, just this one time.
  • Also, coming Friday-Saturday is the 24-hour run and challenge at NISC. Zach and Dan both agreed to sign up. We discussed how to coerce convince other frisbee players to join.

CUA (and PPUA)

  • Right now Phnom Penh has PPUA and Swa, which are separate in some ways, but de facto merged on other fronts. We share fields, events, and games/trainings at least three times a week, but those present believed the Swa players do wish to remain a separate entity rather than fully integrate with PPUA. Even so, it is desirable to have one (or more!) Swa players on the board of PPUA. After all, PPUA and Swa share so many resources and Swa should have a voice in arranging these things.
  • If we ever want to join the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) we need a national association; enter Cambodia Ultimate Association (CUA). In CUA there would be representation of PPUA, Swa, and possibly the Kampong Cham players.
  • If CUA gets erected PPUA would still have many responsibilities: renting the fields, organising the BPPPH, etc. However, some of these responsibilities (especially organising BPPPH) could be shared with or even completely transitioned to Swa.

Swa (and PPUA)

  • In many organisational matters (especially organising BPPPH) Swa might want to take a bigger leadership role. Swa players are active and do a lot of coaching, but are not involved in organisation. In the idea of those present at the meeting a lot of Swa players would be keen to take some more leadership positions.
  • There was some discussion about slowly transitioning the BPPPH to Swa. Swa taking a more active leadership role would also ensure more stability, as many expat PPUA players leave after a few months/years.
  • This year there won’t be any Americans coming over to run the clinic for Swa like last summer. BUT: some Swa players might go to Seattle instead! The idea is that they would get training on how to coach/teach ultimate so they could pass that on when back here. Nobody present did know the exact status/details of this plan yet.
  • This led to some discussion on where we want to go with player development. Sending a few Swa players abroad is not very cost effective. Even when doing so, sending a big(ger) group regionally might be better than sending one or two players far abroad.
    More effective might be to get good players to come to Cambodia to run clinics. The women’s clinic Bowser ran in February was a success; we could mimic this set-up for Swa clinics.
  • The long term player development strategy would be to maybe get some Khmer players on the payroll to give trainings. However, that is something not achievable in the near future.
  • Problematic throughout the discussion was that there were no Swa players present. It was decided that Jared (and Dan?) would sit down with Rodwell soon. Also, maybe we should gently insist on one or two Swa players joining next meeting.

GTU-C (and PPUA)

  • We have discussed in the past that having PPUA as a fundraising vehicle was difficult, as it consists almost completely of foreigners. So, it is an idea to set up an NGO-ish type thing to raise money; Jared will do this!

Kris O’Brien & PPUA positions

  • Kris might leave us soon(ish). We discussed ways of making her stay. Jackson is in town soon; making sure he stays (getting him a job?) might convince Kris to stay too.
  • If making Kris stay fails, the back-up plan is to appoint a new deputy prime-minister. That will be Dan, who promised to graciously accept the role if needed.
  • This led to questions of the democratic process within PPUA: while the PM is elected, the deputy PM is appointed. The current term for PM ends in August at which point possible further democratisation (of other positions) can be discussed if needed.

Kampong Cham

  • Derick and Jared have discussed discs for the Kampong Cham women. It was decided that they would buy them, but against a severely reduced price. This was agreed upon before the current financial situation of PPUA. All those present at the meeting agreed that a reduced price for Kampong Cham players constituted as player development. We decided to get rid of ‘old discs’ (Mekong cup, BPPPH2014, football discs, etc.). The price for Kampong Cham players will be 10,000 riel ($2.50).
  • Derick has requested a discount for Peace Corps volunteers for the Kampong Cham hat. Since the Peace Corps volunteers won’t incur travel costs and are volunteers we decided that a severely reduced weekend fee would be fine. Details to be determined once price for the weekend is set.
  • Lanie has up to 5 female Khmer students who might want to come. She had inquired whether they could come for free. We agreed this was fair. Especially if this would convince them to become part of PPUA in the future; we can always use new players!
  • The Kampong Cham players need cleats. We weren’t sure how many, but at least 9 (that’s how many went to BPPPH). Julliet, a US based player who spent time in Laos, might be able to help out. Jared will put her in touch with Sina in Kampong Cham.

BPPPH 2016

  • We held the BPPPH in January instead of March this year. Pro: it was cooler. However, March is more popular (might attract more players). Also, heavy flooding in November may ruin the fields making January difficult. In addition, this year was problematic as many expats were away for Christmas and return just before BPPPH. It was decided 2016 would be held in March.
  • We need fields. There are Navy fields, Jared would check those out (again), but it would only allow for 4 short fields. Some discussion was had on changing field sizes between Saturday and Sunday. ISPP has new fields, with lights. This would be great, but it is not clear if ISPP would be keen on having a tournament (with alcohol) on their premises.

Other regional tournaments

  • Mekong Cup this year is in September in HCMC.
  • Zone cup is June 27/28 in HCMC
  • MUO is held July 25/26 in Malaysia


  • Financial and logistic constraints mean we can only have an all-Khmer team play an international team is if we organise something domestically: enter the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Cup
  • Since Vietnam and Cambodia are the only countries in the region with local teams, it would be nice to organise a mini tournament.
  • Teams involved would be HHH, Kampong Cham, Swa, PPUA, maybe Hanoi?
  • It would take place in May
  • We can have one day of free fields to hold a clinic at NISC. That would be a good weekend: we could do a one day tournament as the Kampong cham women would be in town anyway. So: one day clinic, one day tournament!