meetings BPPPH 2016

2nd meeting

Roles were assigned, as follows:

Music committee: Dan the musicman

Food committee: Céline, multiple volunteers (Swa?)

Party committee: Pete

Transport committee: Golo/Armel

Theme team: Ben is getting the logo done, Ian is in charge of getting shirts

Field committee: Flo

Health&well being committee: Mayte

Other things discussed:

  • Sunday funday: While the Saturday has (more) serious games, the Sunday is more of a party/fun day where teams get to watch the final and have a good time. We’ll have half-time games, the famous tally-whacker, slip ‘n slide, and band on the field. What else?
    Ben (&Céline) proposed a water pistol fight.
  • This year we want to get more volunteers on the field. One (possibly optimistic) suggestion was to have 2 volunteers per field. In addition, it was suggest that we try to source 4 walky talkies (1 for tent, and 1 per field)
  • Everyone present was against getting a dedicated DJ this year as long as we have volunteers for the central tent & Dan the musicman does source enough songs.
  • snacks is a way to raise money. Apart from a burger BBQ (yes!), maybe people could make or bake something we could sell at the fields

1st meeting

Date: 5/6 March.
This way we are not in the way of the Perak hat (easter weekend) nor Bangkok Hat (prolly mid February).

Theme: “8 year itch – starting from scratch”
suggested team names: Fleas, Bed bugs, Leeches, Dandruff, Mosquitoes, Lice, Rashes, Scabs, Crabs, Poison ivy, Pollen, Anxiety, Sunburn, Mites, Ticks, heroin withdrawal, jockage

Payment: it was suggested that we set up a paypal account and give people a slight financial incentive to pay in advance through paypal (instead of cash at the reg party).
A new deal needs to be negotiated with Cambodia beer. Flo is going to do this.
We spoke of shirt sponsors. We would prefer not to as BPPPH are popular (because of lack of sponsors), unless we can get a very lucrative deal.

Registration party: could be held at Ian’ s hotel (whoop!) if we manage to fill the entire hotel with frisbee players. That’s 21 double rooms and 2 family rooms (hold 3). Could be doable.
Jared might still rent a boat for a pre-registration party

Saturday party: possible location is Eighty eight. We will need to find a new band. One condition is that whatever band we get does Saturday & a half-time show during the finals on Sunday; that was fun last year.

Shirts/discs: if we want shirts from Philippines we should get a logo so we can order. We also should order discs soonish. We will have to decide which company to get discs from. First order of business; a logo for the hat!

Roles: This  year we want to try to get one Swa player assigned to each experienced person in an organisational role. That way the Swa player can observe what exactly needs to be done. Then in coming year the Swa players could take over.

Committees: Also, instead of two procurement teams, we decided to go with committees who will do their own procurement. The committees proposed were:

  • food (lunch on field)
  • party/social (saturday & friday parties)
  • transport (to and from field & maps/guides for people to get to town)
  • team/game (like props from last year, shirts)
  • fields & stuff (sound system, tents, cones, etc., etc.)
  • Health & well being (first aid boxes, physio, massage)

Also, our treasurer would really like it if all committees could make a (rough) budget so that there won’ t be receipts showing up weeks after the event like last time…