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Fall 2015 League: Dinosaur edition!

The league takes place on the 3G fields (across from Australian Embassy) on Tuesdays. The first games start at 8pm sharp. We’ll play 4‐on‐4 with continuous play.
Games last 20 minutes, but the game is officially over when the disc is under possession, hits the ground, or goes out of bounds AFTER the whistle has blown (i.e. buzzer beaters count).
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Gold: Dino

Silver: Godzilla

Bronze: Barney

League table after week 3 (pre-final):

  Team      P C.T. W D L GF-GA(GD)
1. Godzilla 6 4 5 0 1 103 – 56 (+47)
2. Dino 6 6 4 1 1 80 – 63 (+17)
3. Sinclair 6 2 1 0 5 46 – 94 (-48)
4. Barney 6 0 1 1 4 67 – 83 (-16)

P = matches played, C.T. = matches played with a complete team present, W = matches won, D= matches drawn, L = matches lost, GF= Goals for, GA = Goals against, GD = goal difference.

Matches played:

Week 4

It was finally there; finals night! This was what the four teams had worked towards for weeks. So, obviously, the turn-out was at an all-time…. low. However, this did not stop all those present from working very hard. Thank you

Bronze final: Barney v. Sinclair (35 – 8)
Sinclair had two subs and none of the youthful energy normally provided by the Swa contingent. However, Sinclair fought hard and even had a streak of 4 points scored in a row. Sadly this wasn’t reflected in the score with a half time score of 19-6 and a final score of 35 – 8 for Barney

Final: Godzilla v. Dino (33 – 42)
While Godzilla were considered the title favourites until last week, Dino had clearly found its mojo. Godzilla was further disadvantaged by the fact that they had too few players. Despite picking up a few new faces, they only had 2 subs the first half.
Dino ran hard, made good cuts and overran Godzilla for a half-time score of 9-30. However, by the end of the first half, Reach showed up for his Dinosaur-league debut!
This showed in the second half; with Heng and Reach in the field, Gozilla had a clear advantage in the height department and utilised that well. They dominated and ‘won’ the second half (scoring 24 points to Dino’s 12), but it wasn’t enough to compensate for Dino’s enormous score in the first half.
Congrats Dino!

Week 3

A hard fought game in which Sinclair defended well… but ultimately lost to a team that seemed to have found its flow; a deserved win for Dino.
Sinclair – Dino 9 – 18

Barney had an impressive line-up (more so than usual) as some of their picks made a debut appearance in the third week. With Da, Panha, and Mika, it was clear that they could score with high floaty throws if needed. They took the lead, but could not hold on to it…
– Barney 20 – 14

Barney had its first back-to-back game, but did not seem fazed by this. While Sinclair ran hard and (again) defended well, they did not stand a chance against the tall, frightening, receivers (and throwers) of Barney.
Barney – Sinclair 22 – 9

The final match of week three was going to be a rehearsal for the final next week. Some observers (including Yours Truly) thought the game “would not matter” as the stakes were low. The opposite turned out to be true. Both teams fought like lions. Dino seemed determined not to let Godzilla go to the finals undefeated, while Godzilla wanted to firmly establish its dominance. Not only was there energy on field, but both sidelines were very vocal and created an atmosphere of tense excitement. Dino led by two points most of the game, but both teams seemed unable to score in the last few minutes. Finally Dino found some holes in the Godzilla defense again, while the blue sideline was shouting “let’ s go Dino” at the top of their lungs. In a game that felt like it could have been a final, Dino managed to get the victory over the previously undefeated Godzilla.
Godzilla – Dino 12 – 17

Week 2

A tight game. Barney was trailing, but found some energy reserves towards the end of the match and managed to close the gap, but the buzzer went off before Barney caught up.
Sinclair – Barney 9 – 7

Dino fought hard, but Godzilla can by now safely be called a title favourite.
Dino – Godzilla 9 – 15

Godzilla played its first back-to-back game. Sinclair hoped to take advantage of that and outrun them. In addition, secret weapon Dan showed up! However, to no avail. Clearly there is no stopping Godzilla…
Godzilla – Sinclair  16 – 8

A very close game! With twenty seconds on the clock, the score was 7-7. Barney had dropped the disc and the sideline was screaming frantically; trying to stop those long throws and speedy receivers. Alas, Dino (the player) seems to be able to catch pretty much anything. He even squeezed in a throw to the other endzone for a final score of 9-7.
Dino  – Barney 9 – 7

Week 1

The opening match was played in the streaming rain. Gozilla definitely had the advantage with length, youth, speeds, and many more subs. With only 2 subs Sinclair struggled to keep up.
Sinclair – Godzilla   3 – 16

The second match saw Barney take an early lead and they seemed to head for a sure win in a relatively low scoring game. But then Dino found some inspiration and scored 4 points in a row. Rain made for a slippery discs and neither team managed to score in the last nail-biting minute…
Barney – Dino 12 – 12

Sinclair had learned from their previous match and put up a more coherent formation and took a comfortable lead of 3 points. Again, the lack of subs was a problem for Sinclair. Dino played consist and for the second time in two games came back from being behind.
Dino – Sinclair 15 – 8

The rain had subsided and both teams had a bye. Sadly, Barney was still lacking women (and players in general) and had to borrow some of the already tired players from Dino and Sinclair. Barney played with great skill and experience, but could not match the speed and youthful energy Godzilla displayed.
Barney – Godzilla 5 – 24