The 9th edition’s theme is “Ultimate Symphony”; prepare to have your socks rocked off!

Draft party: Thursday 6pm  at Elly’s bar. Results will also be shared live on the facebook event page.  [Google maps link] [picture of map]

Masters game: Friday March 3rd,  1pm. fields are near the reg party [Google maps link] [picture of map]

Registration party: Friday March 3rd, 7pm late. It takes places at 3mangos on street 360. Most tuktuk/taxi drivers will know “Apsara TV” (the studio next door). [Google maps link] [picture of map]

The tournament: games start 7.45am on Saturday and take place at the Navy fields in Chroy Changvar. [Google maps link] [picture of map]

Saturday night party: crawling distance from the reg party location (one block away). At a beer garden called 54 Langeach Sros II (54 ល្ងាចស្រស់ II in khmer).  [Google maps link] [picture of map]




If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to BigPhatHat@phnompenhultimate.com   with the following information

1. Name:

2. Gender:

3. In 3-4 sentences, please describe your experience playing ultimate. How long have you played? What was the highest level at which you’ve played? When was that?  Who do normally play with? Just pick up? A particular club? Never played before?  What are your strengths and weaknesses? Please provide us with any relevant info that we need to ensure that we can form even teams.

4. are you a vegetarian and/or have other dietary restrictions?

5. What Size shirt do you normally buy?

Write down the answers to all five of these questions and send a mail to BigPhatHat@phnompenhultimate.com  and you’re registered!

hopefully see you in March