Pickup & Tournament

  • Provide a space for ultimate games in Phnom Penh, inviting Khmer and foreigners, at low cost at least once or twice per week.
  • Host an annual international hat tournament, inviting players from all over the world to visit Cambodia and spend two days playing ultimate.

Player Development

player development
  • Teach and spread the sport of ultimate among men and women in Cambodia, giving youth another outlet through which they can excel, by:
    • Inviting Khmer people to our pickup games, providing financial support where needed and dedication is demonstrated.
    • Holding or sponsoring one day clinics and hat tournaments geared towards Khmer players.
    • Sponsoring especially committed players to attend international tournaments outside Cambodia.


  • Facilitate higher levels of play by:
    • Maintaining one or more teams that attend two international tournaments per year
    • Holding at least two seasons of league per year where pickup players are assigned a team and play with that team the whole season
    • Practicing drills in time not taken by pickup or league

Community Outreach

give blood
  • In addition to teaching ultimate frisbee to local Khmer, we are philanthropic in other ways. We have a sizable group that enjoys contributing to the community while hanging out with each other. Things such as blood drives, volunteering at the Red Cross, and organized trash cleanup are on our radar. Please feel free to share these opportunities with our group, especially if they’re already organized and planned.


the matrix
  • Keep the site well organized and make it easy to find information, and to have as few separate webpages as possible in order to simplify editor maintenance.
  • Maintain a simple design in order to simplify development and design maintenance.
  • Maintain a design that is aesthetically pleasing and also functional when accessed via desktop or mobile.
  • Move the website to a multi-lingual setup and maintain translations of basic information on the website.